The Lifting, Industrial & Port Handling and Heavy Transport Show

5-7 October 2023

Piacenza Expo – Via Tirotti 11, Fraz. Le Mose, 29100 Piacenza (Italy)

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How to get there

The Piacenza Expo center is located right in front of the Piacenza Sud motorway exit, in a context of road junctions, highways and railways in the center of northern Italy. Three airports (Milan Linate, Parma and Brescia) are a few tens of kilometers away, another five (Milan Malpensa, Verona, Bologna, Genoa and Turin) can be reached in just over an hour.

All this, combined with a cutting-edge logistics and transport system, makes Piacenza a true crossroads for Europe and its new exhibition center a strategic meeting point for commercial operators and visitors, susceptible to further developments.

Piacenza Expo – Quartiere Fieristico di Piacenza
Via Tirotti 11, Fraz. Le Mose, 29100 Piacenza
Latitudine 45° 02’ 32’’ N – Longitudine 09° 45’ 06’’ O

Opening hours to the public:

Thursday. and Friday: 9.00 am – 6.00 pm
Saturday: 9.00 am – 5.00 pm

Entry to the animals at the fair is NOT allowed.

For more information:

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16129 Genova (Italy)
Tel +39 010 5704948


Highway A1, exit Piacenza Sud
Motorway A21, usciexitta Piacenza Sud

Bus & Taxi

Autobus LINEA 19 SETA
Radio Taxi Piacenza (0523-591919)


Stazione di Piacenza


Milano Linate (60 km), Milano Malpensa (90 km), Parma (60 km), Brescia (80 km), Bergamo (110km), Verona (140 km), Genova (150 km), Bologna (150 km), Torino (170 km)